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Fiber Optic Cable - Plenum Tight Buffer

Plenum Tight Buffer Fiber Optic Cable
Series NumberTypical InstallationTypical ApplicationCentral Strength ElementOuter JacketTemp RangeFlexibilityCrushFireWater
34 DuplexShort Haul Air Handling PlenumsA,B,FKevlarKynar-20 +80 °CGGOF
35 MultifiberShort Haul Air Handling PlenumsA,B,FKevlarKynar-20 +80 °CGGOF

Application LegendPerformance Legend
A. Point to PointO. Outstanding
B. Inter-Building (in Plant) Networking Data DistributionS. Superior
C. Inter-Building (Outside Plant) Networking Data DistributionG. Good
D. Inter-Building (Outside Plant) Extending Data Trunk LineF. Fair
E. Inter-Building (Outside Plant) Telecommunication Trunk LineP. Poor
F. Air Handling Plenum NEC OFNP 770-6cQ
G. Vertical Riser NEC OFNR 770-6b
H. Premise Data Distribution NEC OFN-770-6a* Kevlar - Registered to Dupont

** Kynar -Registered to Penwalt