PRO SERIES SNAKES                               "If You Can Think It - We can Build It"

Designed for both the professional Sound and Studio ,our Pro Series  Snakes are built for supreme sound quality and unsurpassed durability. Enclosures are constructed of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel and feature a tough powder coat finish with high visibility silk screen lettering to stand up to the demands of even the most grueling tours. A built-in carrying handle and a metal kellum grip are included, and our premium performance individually-jacketed 24 gauge cable is standard. All connectors are top-of-the-line metal, from the Neutrik XLR's to the Amphenol 1/4 TRS plugs.
Pro Series Snakes are available in a number of configurations, box to fan, fan to fan, rack-mount to fan, box to blunt and everything in between.
The Pro Series line of audio snakes is covered by a 10 year warranty, and available in 8 to 48 channel versions.


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Our Stage Series box snakes are designed and built with the needs of the everyday working musican in mind, and are also ideal for permanent installations. Boxes are constructed of a Heavy-Duty Steel enclosure utilizing Neutrik  poly connectors, a sturdy poly kellum grip, and the snake cable The end fan is assembled with Neutrik* metal black finish XLR connectors, returns are Amphenol* 1/4 TRS ends, or Neutrik* XLR, all individually heat shrunk and
numbered. Options include ordering with a blunt end for through-the-wall, or conduit applications. Returns can be 1/4 inch TRS, XLR, both, or blunt.
Stage Series snakes come in a variety of configurations, with a maximum combination of 20 channels, (i.e., 16x4, 12x4, 12x2, etc.) and are covered by a 5 year warranty.


Built for the professional Recording studio is the 16 channel Elco / Edac snake. The essential link between an ADAT recorder and the studio for multi-tracking, the MyStarSound Pro Series of Elco/ Edac snakes are constructed using our premium performance 24 gauge multi-pair snake cable with individually jacketed pairs, the fan end featuring individually numbered heat-shrunk ends finished with either 1/4 TRS or XLR-M connectors.  Covered by a five year


Four Star Wire and Cable, Inc. offer Hand Soldered and or Crimped cable assemblies to cover your professional audio applications. Utilizing the finest in Audio, Video, and Signal cabling, MyStarSound
assemblies are terminated using Neutrik, Amphenol, LK, and Marinco connectors with heat shrink, strain relief, and epoxy sealing to offer you an assembly that will last for years to come, and allow for modifications
and field servicing. Custom lengths and Pin Outs are available to offer assembles that meet your exacting specifications.


Multi-Channel Drop Snakes for those onstage applications where a number of microphone inputs are
needed in a concentrated area (drum risers, keyboard stations, etc.) without the hazard of individual cables being strung out across the stage. Sometimes referred to as stage slugs, our Drop Snakes are available in 8 and 12 channel versions, with a straight long box on the stage end; the other end terminating in a fan, with XLR or 1/4î TRS connectors, or as anoption, a quick-disconnect multi-pin connector. Available in any length.