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The Pro Series of instrument cables are constructed using our finest 20 gauge, 41strand copper conductor cable for the ultimate in fidelity. The 95% spiral shield protects from outside interference and is covered by our TPE outer jacket that stands up to the rigorous demands of  on-the-road usage, is quite flexible, and stays straight when unrolled from storage. Amphenol connectors are standard, and
both ends are sealed, then covered with heat shrink for additional strain relief. Logos , Names and Dealer information can be imprinted 
on the heat shrink in your choice of color.  All Pro series cables are covered by a lifetime warranty

Part Number & Length: FPI -Length


Our balanced patch cables are designed to deliver the full spectrum of
sound in all situations, from recording studio to live sound
reinforcement. We build them with our best 20 gauge, 2 conductor, 95%
braided shield wire, with Amphenol 1/4 TRS plugs as standard, or XLR
male or female as options to suit any need.

Part Number & Length: FPB- Length


Designed for use in those inter-connect situations where balanced isn't applicable, our unbalanced cables feature our special 20 gauge single
conductor wire with RCA or 1/4 Inch ends.

Part Number Length FPUB- 1 1ft.


Arguably one of the handiest cables in the soundmans arsenal, these assemblies can be used to interconnect various pieces of stereo equipment together in the recording studio, home, or to a live sound
system. We offer our dual patch cables with our custom made dual 20 gauge single conductor wire and RCA or 1/4 Inch ends marked for left and right

Part Number & Length: FPDB-Length


Even though we're talking wireless here, reliable cabling is still needed to get
the signal from the source (Instrument) to the transmitter. Stock cables

that come with your system are an after thought. For this reason we

hand build -  Pro Wireless replacement & Antenna cables that work with many of today's top brands such as Shure, Audio Technica and Line 6.

Wireless cables are hand built using our best 24 gauge flexible-but-thin cabling and your choice of connectors for use with all brands of wireless equipment. Available in standard lengths with your choice of a
straight or right angle connector on the instrument side, and a choice of
connectors on the transmitter side to match the brand of wireless system used.

Antenna cables are also hand built using  RG58 50ohm wire and ICM BNC connectors that can withstand

up to 80  pounds of pressure per end.

Our high quality Pro Series cables are available with a protective and flexible mesh wrap for added durability and mobility, as well as quick and easy tracing in multiple cabling situations by using any one of up to ten different colors. Our shrink wrapped connector protectors allow for greater strength and reliability.

These cables are the answer for the musician who changes
instruments frequently and doesn't want the pop and hum that
invariably comes with pulling a live cable out of it's jack. Utilizing our
20 gauge instrument cable with Amphenol brand Q-plugs in a choice
of straight or right angle ends, these specialty cables are sure to
eliminate one more source of unwanted stage noise.

Part Number & Length: FPI-LengthQ 10ft.

The Stage Series of guitar cables are designed for the musician who
desires a quality cable that looks good, sounds good, and is
affordable. These cables carry a ten year warranty, and utilize our
heavy duty 24 gauge instrument wire with quality 1/4 connectors for
a cable that is a substantial cut above standard quality.

Part Number & Length FSLI-Length.


Having a guitarist on staff has led us to produce these sets of short
instrument cables made just for the musicians (guitarists) out there
who use two or more floor effect boxes and want a reliable
connection between them. These handy cables are packaged in pairs
only, in three sizes to allow for cabling together any pedal on any
pedal board. All ends use Amphenol right angle plugs, with our easy
flex 20 gauge instrument wire and heat shrink on both ends.

Part Number & Lengths:
FPIP- 1 2 @ 6"
FPIP- 2 2 @ 12"
FPIP- 3 2 @ 18"


These specialty cables are designed for stereo instruments that send
the left channel signal to one amplifier, and the right channel signal to
another.This set-up is being used by many of todays guitarists who
are using a dual transducer equipped instrument (i.e. Acoustic \
Electric) and need to connect to a traditional guitar amplifier, as well
as an acoustic amplification system. Our stereo guitar cables are a
variation on the standard wye cable and come in four standard
lengths, although custom lengths may be special ordered. These
cables are constructed with dual 20 gauge instrument wire and your
choice of straight or right angle TRS plugs on the instrument end. The
amplifier ends are straight 1\4" plugs.

Part Number & Length: FPSI-Length


These cables are used to patch in (insert) effect units to a single
channel, or group send, on mixing consoles. Utilizing a stereo 1/4"
TRS plug that splits to a pair of 1/4" ends labeled in/out, we build
them with our dual 20 gauge cable and heat shrink all ends.

Part Number & Length: FPIN- Length